Left to Right – Reece Brown, Scott Wootton, Joshua King

Click on to find out how to follow these Man United cuties on Twitter!

I’m all about business today. These delicious morsels have been spotted cavorting on Twitter, and moi being the unselfish philanthropist I am, will be revealing their Twitter names so you can shamelessly stalk them too 🙂

Reece Brown (Wes’s brother and an Academy defender) ReeceBrown1991

Sean McGinty (Academy centreback) @SMcGinty22  (right)

Scott Wootton (Reserve centreback) @ScottyJW91

Joe Dudgeon (Reserve left-back) @JoeDudgeon  (right)

John Cofie (Reserve/Academy striker) @JohnCofie9  (left) Why is he using a Getty image of himself?

Joshua King (Reserve striker, has made 1 Carling Cup appearance) @joshuaking92

Will Keane (Reserve/Academy striker-Academy player of the year last season) @WillKeane48

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