The Price is Right

Wayne Rooney is apparently sending his wife and her family off on a £30,000 cruise to the Caribbean. He will not be joining them.

The extravagant gift is for Coleen’s little sister who suffers from Rett Syndrome. Wayne may be a class A douche but this seems really sweet and thoughtful! 12 year old Rosie (pictured left) will get to meet all her favourite Disney characters on the £7,000-a-night cruise.

So is this a heartfelt gesture from Wayne to the McLoughlin family, or an easy way for him to keep Coleen happy after his indiscretions? Should Coleen have left him?

Whatever his intentions, I hope little Rosie has a fabulous time!

Pics via posh24


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One Response to The Price is Right

  1. Hamsy says:

    I think its only to win back the heart of Coleen’s family after he cheated on that prossie.

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