Vintage Hot

All this talk about tonight’s Man United – Arsenal clash reminded me of Roy Keane’s (right) angryhot session with Patrick Viera.

I miss Roy Keane, but it appears his badboy legacy lives on in our youth. Seeing our little Rafael angryfacing and expletivespitting brought back waves of nostalgia.

There’s no doubt Mr.Keane is very pleasant to look at – but is there more to the attraction than just lovely bone structure and hard-bodied hotness?

Let Roy’s creepy “I’m-Going-To-Kill-You-After-I’m-Done-Measuring-My-Pupils-With-This-Emu-Beak” eyes welcome you in…

Puppy snuggler?

Or Gooner bitchslapper?






The man does look yum in a suit.

So are your panties off yet? Or is Mr.Keane’s anger mismanagement a turn-off for you?

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