Berba Baby (Berby?) Alert!

Looks like Dimi’s going to be a Daddy again, Mancs! Srsly though – what’s with all the football babies? And I WANT IN PLZ!

According to those fabulous bitches at ONTD_Football, the Berb & long-time ladyfriend Elena (right) are expecting their second bundle of joy.

I could not score any pics of Berby #1, so I currently have no reference point as to the possible cuteness of Berby 2.0. Waiting for one of those Tumblr fangirls to come up with one of those face-morph mutant baby projection things. Those bitches be crazy.

Srs bzns though – hope the pregnancy goes well and the family stay healthy & happy. More Berbalove for everyone!

Pics via ONTD_Football & Kickette, ofc.

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