Jonny Evans’ Torrid Lovelife

Jonny looking unhappy & confuzzled with girlfriend Kate Wathall (left), and (right) looking distinctly happier with beau Darron Gibson.

After being voted one half of The Cutest Couple at the United for UNICEF gala, Jonny Evans’ lovelife has become a much hotly debated topic among fangirls. Torn between two lovers, Jonny could benefit from our sagely relationship advice.

More about Kate after the jump

Jonny & Kate (her Twitter pic, right) have been together for a while now. But could she be the right choice for Jonny/a WAG worthy to join the ranks of Colleen Rooney & Ana Vidic?

Pros: She studied Journalism (brains!) & has worked for ITV. She’s pretty, but not a total skank She likes Disney and cookies.

Cons: She can’t spell “indefinitely” & she isn’t Darron Gibson.

I have to say they do make a very cute couple, and Sir Alex appears to agree with me.

But the going hasn’t always been quite so rosy for the couple. In 2007, Jonny was accused of rape. But where most young WAGs would’ve fled, Kate stood by her man. Smart choice? Only time will tell.

More pics of Kate & Jonny here.

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