What are panties?

Remember him? When you’ve torn your eyes away from those abs, follow me into the cut where we’ll find out more about Mr. Bradley Howard.

He plays for FC United of Manchester and has been spotted dabbling in modelling/acting. The DailyMail also referred to him as a club promoter. Looks like he enjoys the limelight.

More importantly, he’s apparently recently split from Coronation Street Z-list actress Michelle Keegan, who enjoys tanning and wearing fugly dresses.

Brad may have a case of the gayface on the red carpet and questionable choice of attire (and women friends) but one truth remains solidly intact – boy is fine.


He’s even been photographed in a Chelsea shirt and hoodie. Take it as you will. Hard evidence as to his footie skillz remains elusive.

Budding footballing starlet or media famewhore? Who cares. I just want to stare at him.











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