“We’re not Siamese – We’re Brazillian!”

Time to choose, bitches

Although identical the Da Silva twins, like Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, are as different as night and day.

So, naturally, I’m making you choose.

Anderson is clearly confunded in figuring out which twin sits before him.



Rafael (pictured right) is clearly the “Jessica”- or “bad” – twin. Here he demonstrates his sexy-angry abilites by gettin’-all-up-in Tevez’s grill during the intoxicatingly dull Manchester Derby.

Did you find yourself suddenly and inexplicably attracted to him?

Did you find clothing uncomfortable and restrictive? Give yourself 3 points.








Fabio, on the other hand, is the “Elizabeth” or “good” twin.

Elizabeth Fabio prefers commitment over shameless sluttiness, and married his sweetie Barbara when they were both 18.

Sir Alex can tell them apart thanks to Fabio’s wedding ring (left)



Gentle and sweet, Fabio finds himself the victim of a harsh tackle from Rangers’ Naismith.

Were you flooded with strange, warm feelings in your bosom? Did your uterus tingle? Do you like puppies? Give yourself 3 points.






If you’re a 60-something Scots man, give yourself 2 points. If you’re Mr.Da Silva, give yourself 17 points.

Now add them up and…err..







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