Return of the Roo

Prodigal son Wayne Rooney well and truly returned last night with a penalty goal against SPL club Rangers that send United into the next round of the Champions League.

Srs match summary here.

I’m happy he scored and we won, but I haven’t fully forgiven him yet. Someday.

Rangers’ Naismith kicked bb Fabio in the face (thankfully his cuteness remains intact!), earning us a penalty.

Srs lulz ensued when Roo scored and a nutjob fan joined in on the United manpile.

That bitch.

What was Ibrox security doing? Thankfully he wasn’t a stalker a-la-Monica Seles.

Here’s a video of the pitch-invasion. Oh to be in that manpile…

Wayne and Michael Carrick with their (cuter?) mini-mes.



Unidentified Footballing Hombre

Some Chico for the fangirls

















Haters gonna hate!

So tell me, Mancs – what are your confusing feelings towards the Roo now that he’s back and scoring for the team he once said “lacked ambition”? Would you kiss that oddly-round head so soon after The Incident?

Let me know in the comments!

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