Hello Boys!

Meet our new boys – after the jump.

Here’s Chris Smalling at the opening of the new Luke store in Manchester with store manager Jamie Meakin.

Not only does Chris look as good in his United kit as out of it, he is also a fantastic defender.

So much so, that Sir Alex even called his mum to tell her he’d take good care of her son!

“Sir Alex phoned me to say he’d look after Chris. It was a shock I can tell you, to hear that familiar accent.”– Theresa Smalling

Mum also reveals that he does not have a girlfriend: “He’s got to look after his career first – there’s plenty of time for that in the future!”

He transferred out from Maidstone United where he earned £200 a week, drove a second-hand Renault Clio and had this going on with his hair.

For more cuteness click here to see Chris as an adorable bubba, with his equally adorable little brother, James.

In an interview for ManUtd Chris reveals he’s a golf and tennis fan and the boys are very competitive where table tennis is concerned.

He thinks The Inbetweeners is funny, was a national judo champ when he was little, and is BFF with Kiko, Wes, and Jonny Evans.

Bebe is 20, Portuguese, moonlights as a Pirates of the Caribbean extra, and used to be homeless.

He plays forward/winger and has scored 2 goals in 5 games.

No evidence points to his having a wife   or girlfriend.

After:He looks sad without the hair, no?

More pics here.





Natalie Portman Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez signed to United from Chivas, in Mexico.

He gets the nickname “Chicharito” – meaning Little Pea – from his father’s nickname “Chicharo” (Pea) for having green eyes. He also speaks excellent English.

He can also score with various parts oh his anatomy.

I wonder what’s next?




Here he his with girlfriend Lety, who studies International Relations at the Tec de Monterrey.

Chicharito’s faithfullness is even discussed among his teammates in the Mexico National Team; that the Mexican striker  always respects Lety Sahagún, his girlfriend for about two years, and that he always mentions his relationship everytime he meets new people.

More pics here (Holy eyebrows, Batman!)

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