A Legacy

Mancs, today is this young man’s 21st birthday. He celebrates this milestone perhaps like other boys his age – going to a club, getting buzzed, meeting a few willing girls to go home with.

But he isn’t like other boys his age. He is a member of the elite, a comrade of heroes, a shadow, nay, a progeny of legends. His name is Chris Smalling and he plays football with Manchester United – the greatest football club of all time.

This day, the day of young Smalling’s stepping stone to manhood, I christen my blog. For while today marks the joy and strength of youth, it also remembers the old.

Manchester United is a club that melds together these two ideas. For 132 years we have existed. We have overcome tragedy and loss, celebrated sweet victory, and to this day remain the most well-known footballing institution in the world.

So come with me as I chronicle our future, dotted with Chicharitos and Berbas and held firm by Giggses and Scholeses.

We are United.

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